Another logically inconsistent claim of statism: no, you can't initiate violence against people; but yes, you can give others the right to do it.
Another logically inconsistent claim of statism: anarchy can never work in practice (so ignore examples where it does).
A logical inconsistency of statism: violating consent is never okay; violating consent is okay when government does it.
Our most common arguments against statism demonstrate its impracticality and injustice. But there's also a solid tool belt of statism's internal…
Black Pilled libertarians seem to need a post 2022 midterm White Pill. Happy to help...
You wouldn’t think there could be a White Pill in a topic as contentious as rights. But there is.
As a kid you wanted nothing more than to be an adult. Under anarchism, you actually do get your wish.
That tricky place just south of the red pill.
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